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Defending and asserting Massachusetts residents’ civil rights

Massachusetts civil rights law firm Mark F. Itzkowitz cares deeply about the people we represent—people who have been victimized by incidents of injustice and discrimination.

We work diligently to overcome the procedural and substantive hurdles that can prevent you from obtaining justice. We thoroughly understand the laws relating to your civil rights, and we handle state and federal claims. To help you gain the strength to fight against injustice, we provide you with insightful legal advice and a welcoming atmosphere.

Advocating for your individual freedoms
You have been granted the right to speak your mind and assert your rights. These rights are constitutionally protected and incorporated against the state under the 14th Amendment. If you believe that these rights have been violated, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with the law office of Mark F. Itzkowitz.

If your rights have been abridged or otherwise violated, seek the advice of a lawyer who knows how to get the wrong righted. To discuss your matter in a free consultation, contact the law office of Mark F. Itzkowitz: Call us at 617.695.1848 or connect with us online.